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Adv. Gad Mina has been an arbitrator for many years.

Over the years, Adv. Gad Mina has accumulated knowledge and experience as a well-known litigation expert in Israel and has handled complex and fascinating civil and commercial cases.

His vast experience in handling cases helps him greatly as an arbitrator –in his creative legal thinking, in understanding the parties’ intentions and those of their attorneys, as well as in conducting a professional, efficient, confidential and fair arbitration process.

The arbitration meetings are conducted in a relaxed and efficient atmosphere, with the goal of reaching a quick resolution.

The arbitration process is subject to the arbitration law and is conducted in accordance with it, as well as in accordance with the arbitration agreement formulated by the parties.

As an experienced arbitrator, Adv. Gad Mina serves as chairman of the Tel Aviv District’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the Israel Bar Association and lectures on various arbitration topics including at the Art of Law Institute at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law.




“Mediation is not just a technique. It is a culture of common life… under forceful decisions – whether an individual’s power or the organized power of the State – come agreed-upon decisions” - Remarks made by President of the Supreme Court Aharon Barak at a ceremony at the President’s residence (for the signing of the Business Mediation Convention on March 14, 2002)

Adv. Gad Mina is a certified mediator with more than 15 years of civil and commercial legal knowledge and experience, which allows him to conduct mediation meetings efficiently for the parties.

Adv. Gad Mina’s knowledge in the various branches of civil and commercial law, his experience in managing court cases and assisting companies and businesspeople, as well as his great interpersonal skills, creativity, fairness and communications skills, make him an excellent mediator.

The mediation meetings are conducted in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, while examining each party’s interests (whether in joint or separate meetings) and providing them with solutions. As a mediator, Adv. Gad Mina does not render a decision in a dispute but rather succeeds in bringing the parties to a mutual agreement that ends the conflict between them and prevents them from having to conduct the long, expensive and complex legal proceeding process.

Adv. Gad Mina regularly lectures on mediation issues before different audiences and also serves as co-chairman of the Tel Aviv District’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the Israel Bar Association.

Administrative Litigation

Administrative Litigation

Gad Mina Law Firm has many years of experience in administrative litigation and accompanies well-known Israeli corporations in administrative petitions or petitions to the High Court of Justice against local authorities and state authorities.

The firm accompanies its clients in proceedings before the government and administrative bodies, appearing before the various courts, including administrative courts and the High Court of Justice.

The team has vast knowledge and experience in accompanying and filing administrative petitions, on grounds of irregularities and violations of public tender rules, against tender results and against decisions of the Tenders Committee.

The firm represents well-known corporations, including leading companies in the Israeli market, in petitions to the High Court of Justice and administrative petitions regarding well-known issues.

The firm’s clients in administrative litigation include leading companies from the transportation, manufacturing, real estate and communications sectors.

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Gad Mina Law Firm is one of the leading civil and commercial litigation firms and has over 15 years of experience in various branches of this field.

The firm’s attorneys handles various issues and proceedings before the various courts, including lawsuits relating to corporate law, shareholder disputes, contract law, derivative lawsuits, class actions, communications law, property law and inheritance law.

The firm’s clients include leading companies from Israel and around the world, as well as businesspeople.

Adv. Gad Mina has extensive expertise and knowledge, due to his experience at leading civil litigation law firms and his positions on various committees of the Israel Bar Association in this field.

The firm’s attorneys accompanies its clients in all legal proceedings, starting with the strategy formulation of a case, drafting notice letters prior to proceedings, managing negotiations in the framework of legal disputes, representation in arbitration and mediation proceedings as well as before the various courts (including the High Court of Justice), up until a dispute is resolved; whether it be by judgment or another solution agreed to by the parties.

The firm’s attorneys are creative “out of the box” thinkers that provide personal and professional service to their clients.


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